Standard Replacement

Catalytic Converters and Diesel Particulate Filters

As catalytic converters continue to improve and become more complex it is important to be sure your cat has both the correct specification and is in working order. Rob Bliss Exhaust are experts in both catalytic converter diagnostics and replacement and offer solutions from pre Euro emission cats to Euro 5 emission cats and replacement DPF units.

Mufflers and Pipes

Many makes and models of cars sold in Australia have direct fit exhaust components that can be purchased for installation at home or can be installed by our experienced fitters here at the workshop. As an alternative we can supply and install universal parts allowing us to cover a larger range of cars and applications where direct fit components are not available.


Our range includes standard manifold gaskets and flange gaskets for the most popular models and universal bolt pattern gaskets to suit our large range of plates. Rob Bliss Exhaust also stock a range of steel and multi layered steel gaskets to suit and withstand the heat a pressure of turbo charged applications.


Performance Parts

Sports Systems

With demand for quality performance exhaust systems higher than ever the aftermarket exhaust industry produce direct fit performance systems for most makes and models. Rob Bliss Exhaust have access to a large range of systems from suppliers like Magnaflow, X-Force, Hurricane, Redback, Zetti, Bend It, Legendex and more.


If you are fabricating your own exhaust system or would like Rob Bliss Exhaust to custom make a system for your vehicle, we keep a large range of performance mufflers in both aluminized and stainless steel. Our range includes brands like Magnaflow, Hurricane, Varex and Zeti in both round and oval barrels and in various sizes and lengths. If your requirements lie outside of our available parts we can have mufflers custom made to your specifications.


Pacemaker, Hurricane and Genie produce a large range of extractors to suit most makes and models and are available through Rob Bliss Exhaust. If off the shelf extractors are not available for your particular car we are able to custom make extractors to suit any make or model.

Rotary Mufflers

If you own a Rotary powered car it is important to use the correct style of muffler as non rotary specific mufflers will not last under the conditions that the rotary engine creates in the exhaust system. We keep our own range of Rotary mufflers in stock covering multiple shapes and sizes. If we do not have a muffler to suit your application we can have mufflers specifically made to suit.

Mandrel Bends

Our large range of bends include mild steel bends from 1" through to 5" ideal for custom making extractors and small engine/generator applications and aluminized steel bends from 2" to 5" ideal for any application where stainless is not required. Rob Bliss Exhaust is proud to stock a large range of premium quality stainless bends and reducers manufactured by 'Ultibend'. These stainless bends are the highest quality and are ideal for custom made exhaust systems, inter-cooler and induction pipes. 

V-Band joiners

2½", 3" and 3½" stainless steel v-band joiner kits with stainless collars and quick release clamps are available and in stock. Other sizes are available by request.


Laser cut plates to suit the exhaust side of the engine head and turbo charger inlets and outlets are available at Rob Bliss Exhaust.

Steel Gaskets

Single and multi layer steel gaskets to suit turbo applications.

Silicone Hose

Straight lengths of high temp silicone and a range of bends and reducers are available in both blue and black, ideal for intakes and inter-cooler pipes.